Our vicinity

In the vicinity of the farm there are many places to visit. Here we present a selection that guests can take pleasure in.


Djurby Farm offers dinners and lunches for booked groups, but the kitchen is not open daily. Here we present the closest restaurants and pizzerias.

Skolstakrogen, 4km. In Skolsta is Skolstakrogen, where you can buy pizza and other simple foods. Order by telephone 0171-474158.

Dinner’s Ekolskrog, 13km. Along E18 towards Stockholm, at the Ekolsund bridges, is a Dinner’s diner. They have the usual diner selection, and generous opening hours.

Enköping, 14km. In Enköping all kinds of restaurants are offered. We would like to mention the Kungsbacken restaurant, the Thai restaurant Vita Elefanten (The White Elephant) and Fernando’s.


Skolsta gas station, 4km. If you want groceries the nearest place is Skolsta. There is a gas station (OKQ8) that sells some of the most necessary.

ICA Supermarket Örsundsbro, 7,5 km. The nearest grocery store with the usual selection.

Tempo Grillbyhallen, 7,5 km. Grocery store. Grilled chicken 7 days a week, about the same size as ICA Supermarket in Örsundsbro.

Tuna Trädgård, 7  km. Well stocked garden store worth a visit.

Möbler och Ting (Furniture and Stuff), 6 km. Antiques and furniture. If you’re interested in new and old furniture as well as garage sale items.

Iittala Outlet Örsundsbro, 7,5 km. Outlet sales of e.g. Rörstrand and Iittala kitchenware.

Nibble Farm offers local produce. They also have a coffee shop.

Malls and other stores are found in Enköping, 14 km.