The Djurby Christmas Julbord

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Every year in the month before Christmas Djurby Farm arranges “Julbord”, the traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord. The julbord consists of a large variety of dishes. Whenever possible the food is produces locally or on Djurby Farm itself, such as lamb, venison, mushrooms and berries.

The traditional starters are egg halves, pickled herring as well as other cold cuts. Move on to the ham, smoked lamb and venison, Swedish meatballs, the small “Prince” sausage, smoked salmon, pie, fresh and hard bread with cheese. Don’t take too many of the potatoes or you won’t have room for the desserts! Among them you will find chocolate cake, almond cake, an assortment of cookies and maybe some sort of panna cotta. Of course you need one of the traditional Swedish aquavits to accompany the food!

If you want to experience the Julbord at Djurby Farm, do not hesitate to make reservations, as the more popular sittings are often full well in advance.