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Since 1995 weddings have been arranged at Djurby Farm, in all possible styles and themes. We have amassed a lot of experience through the years and can now offer full service and help in arranging your wedding.

Fancy or casual?

The party hall at Djurby Farm has room for up to 60 people. On the first floor there are 6 rooms for rent, and downstairs a cosy pub. Stora Ryan, as the house is called, is a large timbered house with a homely feeling, surrounded by a garden with apple trees. The house was originally constructed as a conference hotel, but was never used. Today the whole house is furnished and feels like a mix between a lodge and a mansion. The fireplace in the party hall together with the wooden roof supported by large beams  instills a warm and sheltered feeling, in winter as well as summer. The apple garden that surrounds the house is an excellent setting for mingling and drinks during sweet summer weddings. Under the tree crowns outdoor weddings can be arranged with the soft lawn as a floor and the sky as a roof. The garden also serves as a nice rural setting for photography.

Find your own preference

The party hall is equipped with a restaurant kitchen where AnneMarie and her staff prepares the food. Djurby Farm prefers to use local produce and goes to great lengths to serve well cooked and tasty meals. The dishes served varies throughout the seasons with rich mushroom soups and apple pie in the autumn, fresh vegetables in the early summer and sweet raspberry sauces in the late summer. The feast can be served at the tables or as a buffet. A menu of traditional wedding courses is available, and we will do our utmost to accommodate any wishes or suggestions.

Menu proposals and prices

Please contact us for details.

Starters 70-90 kr/person a head

Main Courses 190-320 kr a head

Dessert 70-90 kr a head

Canapes & snacks 20 kr a head

Drinks starting at 200 kr a head

Welcome drink 1 glass
Starter wine 1 glass
Main course wine 2 glasses
Coffee drinks 1 glass 4 cl

Cover charge and decorations

70 kr a head

The cover charge includes setting of the tables, candles, napkins and table decorations with seasonal flowers.

Services brokered

Disc jockey
Accordionist or fiddler
Classic car with driver
Horse and carriage

Booking and further information

For bookings or further information on parties and weddings at Djurby Farm, please contact AnneMarie Ericsson.
Phone: +46-171-474044
Mail address: Djurby Gård, SE-749 51 Grillby, Sweden

Welcome to Djurby Farm!